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Release 1.53 (4th April 2013)

  • Important bug fix for location mapping
  • Added 7 new providers
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements
    7 New Providers:
  • Korea Post
  • JNE Indonesia
  • Fastway Ireland
  • First Flight India
  • Yanwen Express
  • Xend Express
  • Air21

Release 1.52 (17th January 2013)

  • Removed AWS Corriere (out of business)
  • Renamed DHL Canada to Loomis Express
  • Added your current location blue dot to maps
  • Fixed bug for quiet time in push notifications (please re-toggle the setting if affected)
  • Fixed minor caching bug with “View Company Tracking Website” button
  • Fixed bug with barcode scanning for UKMail
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements
    21 New Providers:
  • Israel Post (Israel)
  • Taiwan (Chunghwa) Post (Taiwan)
  • MSI Worldwide (International Couriers)
  • SEUR (Spain & Portugal)
  • DHL For You (Netherlands)
  • Chronoexpres (Spain)
  • iloxx (Germany)
  • DPD Ireland (Ireland)
  • Postclub USA (USA)
  • A-1 International (USA)
  • Landmark Global (USA, Canada)
  • R+L Carriers (USA, Canada)
  • ACS Courier (Greece)
  • ELTA Courier (Greece)
  • SendFromChina (China)
  • Correos Bolivia (Bolivia)
  • Thailand Post (Thailand)
  • Poczta Polska (Poland)
  • HayPost (Armenia)
  • MRW (Portugal & Andorra)
  • DPD Hungary (Hungary)

Release 1.51 (10th October)

  • Bug fix for Swedish services
  • Fixes for barcode scanning anomalies with TNT, Canada Post, AusPost and Couriers Please
  • URL Scheme for Launch Center (and similar) apps (postedapp://)
  • Removed 2 providers who are no longer in business
  • 5 new providers
    5 New Providers:
  • Parcel2Go (UK)
  • XDP (UK)
  • SkyNet Worldwide Express
  • Selektvracht (Netherlands)
  • DB Schenker Sweden (Sweden)

Release 1.50 (4th October 2012)

  • iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support
  • 19 new providers (including China EMS)
  • New app icon
  • Other minor bug fixes and tweaks
    19 New Providers:
  • China EMS
  • TNT France Domestic (France)
  • SoDExI Airport to Door (France)
  • AWS Corriere Espresso (Italy)
  • GLS Czech Domestic (Czech Republic)
  • DPD Netherlands (Netherlands)
  • DPD Finland (Finland)
  • South African Post EMS (South Africa)
  • South African Post Domestic (South Africa)
  • DHL Poland (Poland)
  • DHL Domestic Sweden (Sweden)
  • Edostavka (Russia)
  • Slovak Post (Slovakia)
  • Newgistics (USA)
  • Bulgaria Post (Bulgaria)
  • Lithuanian Post (Lithuania)
  • Hellenic Post (Greece)
  • Pos Indonesia (Indonesia)
  • Hermes Austria (Austria)

Release 1.42 (Feb 3rd 2012)

  • Fixed DHL Express web link
  • Fixed a language issue with synced parcels
  • Other minor bug fixes and tweaks

Release 1.41 (Jan 19th 2012)

  • Fix for critical bug preventing addition of new parcels in v1.40 (for new users only)
  • Fix for DHL GlobalMail

Release 1.40 (Jan 18th 2012)

    New Features:
  • New user preference - auto-refresh of parcels (turned on by default)
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks
  • (Experimental) Account Sync - for those with multiple iOS devices
  • (Experimental) EMS (Smart) - combines destination and origin countries tracking results into one!
    New Providers:
  • Yodel (UK)
  • CitySprint UK (UK) - Amazon orders
  • Correos de Mexico (Mexico)
  • Estafeta (Mexico)
  • Latvijas Past (Latvia)
  • La Post Courrier Suivi (France)
  • La Poste Courrier Internationale (France)
  • Poste Italiane - Pacco Ordinario (Italy)
  • Poste Italiane - Raccomandata (Italy)
  • Singapore Speedpost (Singapore)
  • DHL Domestic Sweden (Sweden)
  • Czech Post (Czech Republic)
  • Ukrposhta (Ukraine)
  • Bring (Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands)
  • EMS (Smart)

Release 1.39 (20th Nov 2011)

  • Bug fixes (Deutsche Post, PostNL, Canada Post & typos)

Release 1.38 (1st November 2011)

    New Features:
  • iPad support
  • New preference: Quiet time for push notifications (badge only between 11pm and 7am)
  • Push notification and Barcode Library updates
  • Fixed persistent "Updating..." issue that some people were experiencing
  • Minor bug fixes

Release 1.37 (24th October 2011)

    New Features:
  • Automatically refresh when resuming from background
  • New preference to not try to refresh "Delivered" items
  • Quick access to your countries providers
    22 New Providers:
  • Singapore Post Registered Article (Singapore)
  • vPost (Singapore)
  • Eastern Connection (USA)
  • Tollpost Globe (Norway)
  • Poste Italiane - Paccocelere 3, EMS, Paccocelere Internazionale & Paccocelere Maxi (Italy)
  • SDA (Italy)
  • StarTrack Express (Australia) *full support*
  • Correios Brazil
  • Crossflight Courier (UK)
  • APC Overnight (UK)
  • DX UK
  • Fedex Domestic China (China)
  • DNJ Express (China)
  • Ecoparcel (Europe)
  • PPL (Czech)
  • DPD Czech (Czech)
  • Toll Global Express (International)
  • CTT (Portugal)
  • Kiala (Netherlands)
  • Added parcel description to "share by email" function
  • Moved refresh button to left hand side
  • Switched to iAds for Lite version
  • Barcode scanning improvements
  • Design improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

Release 1.36 (13th May 2011)

    New Features:
  • Multitasking/fast app switching
  • Fixed estimated delivery date bug with timezones
  • Added refresh button in again
  • Minor bug fixes

Release 1.35 (4th May 2011)

    New Features:
  • Estimated Delivery Date shown on main screen (paid version only)
  • Option to "Sort by Newest First"
  • Tracking results now presented in your preferred language (where available)
    10 new providers:
  • La Post (Colissimo) (France)
  • Ensenda (USA & Canada)
  • Lasership (USA)
  • Prestige Delivery (USA)
  • TNT Italy (Italy)
  • Bartolini (Italy)
  • AnPost (Ireland)
  • DPD Austria (Austria)
  • DPD Switzerland (Switzerland)
  • PosLaju (Malaysia)
  • Remove refresh button
  • Added "Edit" button so more obvious how to delete an item
  • Minor bug fixes

Release 1.34 (8th April 2011)

    9 new providers:
  • Cyprus Post (Cyprus)
  • Direct Link (Sweden, Finland & Norway)
  • Collect+ (UK)
  • TNT Express Domestic UK (UK)
  • Hermes Germany (Germany)
  • TNT Post (Netherlands)
  • i-Parcel (International)
  • Croatia Post (Croatia)
  • AsTrack

We are partnering with AsTrack software to bring support to many more European based courier and delivery companies.

  • Added Pull Down To Refresh
  • New app icon (we hope you like it!!)
  • Added support for "Other" tracking type (no push notifications or status updates - just takes you to your specified URL
  • Fixed USPS barcode scanning bug
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Correos Chile website link updated
  • Belgium Post website link updated

Release 1.33 (23rd March 2011)

    Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug causing crash when tapping newly added parcels very quickly while the app was still refreshing the data
    New Features:
  • New menu available from delivery details screen (replaces the edit button). Contains Edit Item, Copy Tracking Number to Clipboard, Share by email & Report Problem To Posted Support

    Release 1.32 (10th Feb 2011)

    Posted has been on the App Store for one year now! Happy Birthday to us! We have brought you 15 awesome app updates in that time, so I hope that proves our commitment to constantly improving the app. This release is mainly about adding some commonly requested providers. But more interesting updates will be on the way. Please read on for some useful information.

      12 new providers:
    • Added support for CEVA Logistics (Global & USA)
    • Added support for LBC Express (Global)
    • Added support for Interlink Express (UK) (by consignment only)
    • Added support for UK Mail (UK)
    • Added support for GLS (Europe)
    • Added support for CanPar (Canada)
    • Added support for DHL Switzerland (Switzerland)
    • Added support for Swiss Post (Switzerland)
    • Added support for Adrexo (France)
    • Added support for Itella/Finnish Post/Posti (Finland)
    • Added support for Correos Spain (Spain)
    • Added support for MRW Transporte (Spain)
    • Consolidated/simplified Australia Post options
    • Added "Contact Support" link in app
    • Splash screen now shows for a shorter length of length of time
    • Fixed barcode scanner & QR code issue
    • Other minor fixes & UI changes

    New URL for community support & suggestions - http://support.postedapp.com/
    Vote on features you would like to see!

    Release 1.31 (14th December 2010)

    Another big update! Phew, I have been working hard to bring some much requested features to the app. Hope you all enjoy it!

      New features:
    • Added feature - EDIT A DELIVERY (the #1 most requested feature - sorry it took so long!!!)
    • Added feature - FAVORITES LIST (via "More" tab) (the #2 most requested feature!!!)
      13 new providers:
    • Added support for OnTrac (USA)
    • Added support for UPS Mail Innovations (USA)
    • Added support for DHL GlobalMail Domestic (USA)
    • Added support for Streamlite (formally MailExpress) (USA)
    • Added support for DHL Domestic Canada (Canada)
    • Added support for Fedex Domestic UK (UK)
    • Added support for DHL Domestic Express UK (UK) (by Ident Code/Parcel Number only)
    • Added support for Hermes (UK)
    • Added support for Correos Chile (Chile)
    • Added support for P&T Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
    • Added support for Japan Post International (including EMS) (Japan)
    • Added support for Austria Post (Austria)
    • Added support for Post Danmark (Denmark)
    • Fixed Australian Air Express (AAE) website link
    • Updated barcode scanning library to fix iOS 4.2 crash on some devices
    • Updated other third party libraries to make things more reliable & faster

    Release 1.30 (1st November 2010)

      4 new providers:
    • Added support for China Post Registered Mail (China)
    • Added support for Aramex (International)
    • Added support for Go Logistics (Australia)
    • Added support for KCS (China)
    • Fixed crash when tapping refresh button when refresh already in progress
    • Fixed link to Aus Post Website
    • Simplified Aus Post options

    Release 1.29 (6th September 2010)

    • Fixed DHL Germany
    • Removed full multitasking support (temporarily) to hopefully stop the crashing some people are experiencing.

    Release 1.28 (31st August 2010)

      New features:
    • iOS4 and iPhone4 updates (fast-app switching & retina display quality images)
    • Added maps to view the current location of your parcel (only works with companies that contain location information)
    • Added badge notifications to the push notification feature (paid version only). To turn on badge notifications, go to Settings > Notifications > Posted on your device menu.
      7 new providers:
    • Added support for City-Link (UK)
    • Added support for Home Delivery Network (UK)
    • Added support for HongKong Post (Speedpost and Registered Letter) (China)
    • Added support for DPD DE (Germany)
    • Added support for DHL DE (Germany)
    • Added support for Deutche Post (Germany)
    • Added support for Chronopost International (France)
    • Fixed bug causing app crash when deleting an item on certain devices
    • Other minor bug fixes

    More history coming soon...